Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

The Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and the Regions are the lifeblood of NYS TESOL. Together, these subdivisions provide the means to ensure greater participation of individual membership in our professional organization.

NYS TESOL recognizes nine SIGs:

Goals of the SIGs

As microcosms of NYS TESOL, the SIGs adhere to the goals of the association as identified in the NYS TESOL Constitution:

  1. To provide professional development, participation and leadership;
  2. To provide for study and research;
  3. To disseminate information relevant to the organization;
  4. To work cooperatively toward the improvement of instruction in all programs which seek to provide students with an opportunity to acquire English language skills and proficiency, whether they can be carried out in monolingual or bilingual modes of instruction;
  5. To promote empathy and respect for the native culture and language of all students of English, whether they are learning in a bilingual or monolingual context.