NYS TESOL Member of the Month for March 2015

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Meet the NYS TESOL Member of the Month
for March 2015


Alison Stritzl
Long Island Region

Congratulations to Alison Stritzl, the NYS TESOL Member of the Month for March! The award honors her contributions to our field "over and above" her responsibilities at school. Alison is the only social worker in a Copiague/Long Island high school of 1600 students. She is bilingual and has always worked closely with ESL students and their families. This year, the school has a large influx of newcomers who are unaccompanied minors. These students arrived with a lot of trauma and some serious issues that needed to be addressed with sensitivity and care. Alison has been extremely involved in all of these cases, which has added a lot to her already demanding case load. To this date, she has already counseled over a hundred out of 230 ESL students. This, along with the rest of her case load, has added a tremendous amount of work to her day. She never complains about this and, in fact, volunteers to be part of parent evenings, student groups and anything else in order to support ELL students and their families. Due to the extra time and effort Alison devotes to the ELL population, bilingual students are given the individual attention they need. In addition, there has been an increase in the amount of assistance from outside organizations provided to families based on Alison's efforts and recommendations. She is constantly making home visits to the school's ELL families, often bringing this assistance directly to their doors. This has also resulted in improvement of attendance for many students who had truancy problems. Making herself available during parent night and weekend events has allowed parents access to her outside of the school day, which is a great need for many. Alison continues to attempt to gain more knowledge about the ELL population. In addition, she is currently enrolled in a bilingual program in order to obtain her bilingual certification. The person who nominated Alison states that Alison is not required to give the attention she does to the ELL population at her school, but she does, and never turns students away.


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