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Meet the NYS TESOL Member of the Month
for July 2018

Kara Muldoon

Kara Muldoon
  Rochester/Syracuse Region 

Kara holds a B.A. in French and secondary education from SUNY Fredonia, a M.A. in French language and literature from SUNY at Buffalo, and certifications in Spanish and TESOL.  She did not begin her career as an ENL teacher, but she has always had a love for languages.  She started off as a French teacher.  She worked for eight years teaching high school level French and three years teaching college level French.  She also had an amazing experience working as a teaching assistant in Paris, France for one year.  At the University of Paris VII - Charles V Institute of Anglophone studies, she taught English language expression, along with grammar and phonetics to French students majoring in English.    

She currently works as a TESOL teacher in the Lackawanna Public School District in Western New York.  She works solely with fifth graders.  She has, on average, about 50 students due to their district having one of the largest ELL populations in WNY.  It can be challenging at times, but always a joy.  Her students come from such different backgrounds and different parts of the world and it is so rewarding to watch them integrate themselves into their culture and English language. 

She also loves that she can speak French with students from Guinea, Spanish with students from Puerto Rico, and her students from Yemen love teaching her how to speak Arabic!  She gets better every year!    She serves as the ENL department chair and works with eight other ENL teachers who make up the cohesive team.  They are always advocating for the needs of their students and their families. 

They also celebrate these students and their families by holding an annual ENL Family Night where they bring together their different cultures, and food!  They also provide an after-school program for ELLs.  Many of them provide translations and do their utmost to provide whatever is necessary to help their students to achieve success.  She also enjoys going to conferences and attending an ENL Share group made up of WNY elementary ENL teachers.   


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Tristan C. Thorne

June 2018
Tristan C. Thorne
New York City Region