NYS TESOL Member of the Month for April 2015

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NYS TESOL Member of the Month
for April 2015


Scott Freiberger
New York City Region

Congratulations to Scott Freiberger, the NYS TESOL Member of the Month! The award honors his outstanding ESL teaching and contributions to our field "over and above" his responsibilities at school. According to the colleague who nominated him, "Scott Freiberger is the hardest-working and most respectful, helpful educator I have encountered in my 15 years of teaching for the NYC DOE." Scott began teaching ESL in 1995. At P.S. 20Q John Bowne Elementary School, Scott meets with colleagues both before and after work hours to plan his lessons at least three weeks in advance. He arrives every day an hour early to study data in order to identify specific areas of student growth which require further targeting, and to share best practices with classroom teachers. Since he works hard to improve the capacity of all classroom teachers, Scott's insights help all of the school's nearly 1,500, mainly bilingual, students to improve. In addition, by using fluency in Mandarin, and proficiency in Spanish, Japanese, and Korean, he enables students to achieve high performance levels and develop increased confidence. Scott has made many contributions to the P.S. 20Q Community. He devised and wrote an informative ESL Newsletter, published quarterly, for the entire teaching staff, and shared two research-based articles he wrote and published in Idiom, NYS TESOL's online newsletter. Scott also took the time to edit the Kindergarten Orientation PowerPoint slideshow and introduced the ESL department in fluent Chinese to a packed auditorium. These slides were later printed and distributed to the parents of the school's largely bilingual population. Scott has also been integral with developing the NYSESLAT Night Agendas for the past several years. He helped plan and participated in informative events for parents, and his language skills have been a valuable asset during parent/student events. He has assisted with translation during parent meetings for administrators, special education teachers, and members of the support staff. Due to his diverse language skills, Scott has served as a true ambassador for the school, and feedback received from parents has been overwhelmingly positive regarding Scott's contributions. In addition, Scott volunteers his time to contribute to two school leadership teams, works tirelessly to edit the comprehensive Language Allocation Policy report, and is available to assist administrators, members of the school-based support team, and colleagues with translation and multilingual parent communication. He also presents interactive workshops at ESL conferences to share resources and offer support for ELLs. Perhaps most notable, Scott provides free assistance to working parents and families in multiple languages outside of regular school hours, including on weekends. This has led to a marked increase in parental and family support at important school events. Scott also recognizes the many talents of his students, and recently coached a somewhat reticent yet precocious student to achieve the first-place prize of a competitive city-wide ESL Writing Contest. To sum up, Scott's colleague enthusiastically affirmed that, "Scott Freiberger is a tremendous asset to the ESL department and a true inspiration to our entire learning community."


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