Call for Nominations: 2019 NYS TESOL Awards!

Nominate yourself or your colleague by emailing the NYS TESOL Awards Chair at  

deadline: October 4, 2019

Award Descriptions:
Outstanding Teacher Award
James A. Lydon Distinguished Service Award
Recognition Award
James E. Weaver Memorial Award
Lifetime Achievement Award
Special Awards
Award Nomination Guidelines

Outstanding Teacher Award

Purpose: To honor an excellent teacher in our profession.

(1) Membership in NYS TESOL.
(2) At least five years of experience in the ESOL classroom (elementary, secondary, adult, or higher education).

The materials submitted will be read for evidence of the nominee’s ability to motivate and encourage students as well as engage them in productive and challenging learning. Effective lesson strategies and fair evaluation tech-niques, social and personal service to students outside of the classroom, and involvement in the community and with colleagues will be considered.

Supporting documentation:
(1) A letter from the nominator that tells why the nominee’s work is special and worthy of being recognized statewide as one who is achieving excellence.
(2) A letter from one other person who can write about the nominee, giving relevant information pertinent to the teaching situation. Letters might come from a student, a parent, a colleague, a community member, a professional in another geographic area who knows the nominee, a former superior, or an administrator.
(3) A biographical sketch, including the nominee’s professional development.

James A. Lydon Distinguished Service Award

Purpose: To honor a NYS TESOL member with a distinguished service record.

(1) Membership in NYS TESOL.
(2) Long-term service to the organization.
(3) Service beyond full-filling the responsibilities of an office.
(4) Service in a variety of capacities.

This award need not be offered annually and is not to be given to outgoing officers in the year in which they are terminating service.

Supporting documentation: A detailed statement from the nominator about the nominee’s service to NYS TESOL, including positions held and service above and beyond that of fulfilling responsibilities of an office.

Recognition Award

Purpose: To reward and support our friends; to gain further awareness of NYS TESOL and our profession.

Criteria: Awarded to public officials (such as legislators, school board members, journalists) outside the profession who have acted to further the profession of TESOL and facilitate and foster the English-language acquisition of LEP students.

Supporting documentation: A detailed statement from the nominator describing :

(1) the ways the nominee has acted to further the profession of TESOL and foster the English-language acquisition of LEP students;

(2) how the nominee will benefit professionally from receiving this award; and (3) how the nominee’s experiences and activities are relevant to the field of ESOL.

James E. Weaver Memorial Award

Purpose: A monetary award, used to partially defray conference expenses, given to an undergraduate or graduate student not yet in the profession or who has less than two years of teaching service in ESOL. The amount will be determined by the NYS TESOL Executive Board.

The recipient should epitomize the professional and personal integrity and commitment that James E. Weaver so strongly personified.

Criteria: The candidate should
(1) be currently matriculated in an ESOL or ESOL-related undergraduate/ graduate program in New York State;
(2) have clearly demonstrated excellence in coursework and promise as a teacher; and
(3) show some indication of professional involvement (membership in professional organizations, community service programs, presentations, etc.). Verification of this should be provided.

Supporting documentation:
(1) A brief statement from the nominator describing why the nominee should receive the award.
(2) The nominee’s educational affiliation.
(3) A brief statement, written by the nominee, explaining why he or she is preparing to enter the field.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Purpose: To honor a member of NYS TESOL who has shown dedication to the profession of NYS TESOL, and the advancement of English Language Learners. The Lifetime Achievement Award is given to and individual who is retiring of making a transition from a long, distinguished career in ESOL teaching.

(1) Membership in NYS TESOL.
(2) ESOL professional retiring from at least 30 years in the profession.

Supporting Documentation:
A detailed statement from the nominator describing
(1) the ways the nominee has shown commitment to the profession
(2) the achievements he or she has made within his/her professional ESOL career.

Special Awards

Special Awards are given as the occasion warrants.

Award Nomination Guidelines

Nominators should submit the following materials:

1.    The award for which you are making the nomination.
2.    Name, address, telephone, title or position, and membership status in NYS TESOL of both nominee and nominator. *Members may not nominate themselves*

All Winners Will Receive

Complimentary Conference Registration Hotel Accommodations

Lunch or Dinner at Awards Ceremony

$100 Cash prize- (Outstanding Teacher Award)

For more information, please contact Meredith Van Schuyler, NYS TESOL Awards Chair at


2018 Award Winners

Outstanding Teacher Award
Aiko Pletch
SUNY New Paltz

James A. Lydon Distinguished Service Award

Fran Olmos

Yonkers Public Schools

Special Award-Outstanding Professional

Jason Henninger

Utica City School


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