NYS TESOL Press Release

For Immediate Release

NYS TESOL 4th of July Celebration and Reaction to the Trump Administration Family Separation Policy

July 4, 2018
New York, NY
Contact : Mohamed Diallo, VP of Communications

Cell: 917-615-5965

When everyone has spoken, we remind!

If July 4th 1776 represents the key that opened the gates of Freedom in the United States and inspired the rest of the world, July 4th 2018 is a test of our generation to uphold the ideals of human dignity and national unity our forefathers so hardly fought to secure. July 4th 2018 is more a call for individual responsibility to protect our collective freedom than a simple celebration of our past.

There is nearly no time in history when that freedom acquired with sweat, tears, and blood of our forefathers is at stake than our era. It is incumbent upon each us in the United States and around the world to do our best and rise up to the ideals of fundamental respect for human dignity this country stands for.

By playing our role of model citizens, residents or even visitors of the United States, we keep the promise of our forefathers and ensure a more peaceful and inclusive world to pass onto our children. Therefore, we should never let someone whisper in our ears

that there is us and there is them.

When we hear such thing, because we have no control over the voice that whispers from the outside, we have the unyielding freedom to decide how to respond to that voice but a moral obligation to stand by the ideals of peace and collective freedom everywhere.


We should say with no fear:

That we are not safer when children no longer live with their parents.

That we are not safer when we bully others and turn them against each other.

That a father of a nation brings together the children of that nation under one ideal, the one in which the respect of everyone's dignity regardless of faith, gender, race, geographic origin... is the primary focus.

That black, white, Hispanic, Asian, Native American...can still live together as one people and transcend individual whims for a collective prosperity for we are all from one source.


Happy 4th of July to everyone.


Mohamed Diallo, VP of Communications
July 4, 2018