ALWC 2015

The 2015 Applied Linguistics Winter Conference (ALWC) was held
on Saturday, March 7 at Teachers College, Columbia University.

Information regarding ALWC 2016 will be available on or around November 15, 2015. Please check back then for information regarding the conference date, proposal submission guidelines, and registration fees.

Dr. Santoi Wagner, Plenary Speaker

Dr. Santoi Wagner is a Senior Lecturer in Educational Linguistics, and the Associate Director of TESOL at the University of Pennsylvania's Graduate School of Education. She earned her Ed.D. in Applied Linguistics at Teachers College, Columbia University. Dr. Wagner is also the founder and faculty supervisor of PEDAL@GSE (Practical English for Daily Living), an ESL program for adult family members of international students, scholars, and staff at the University of Pennsylvania, and its sister program, Community PEDAL, that provides ESL classes for the West Philadelphia community. She has been a secondary school English teacher in Hong Kong, and has taught ESL in various academic and community settings in the United States. Her current scholarly and professional interests lie in understanding the experience of international graduate students as they navigate the development and demonstration of interactional competence in teaching English and other content areas.

Presentation Materials

Thank you to all of the ALWC 2015 presenters, especially those who have shared their materials below.

Plenary Presentation

Integrating Theory and Practice through Service-Learning in TESOL
Santoi Wagner


Action Research Findings: Implications for Teaching ELLs
Clara Bauler, Xi Yin, Reham Al Qatani, & Samantha Musumesci

Creating Relevant Curricula for Low-Literacy Learners
Nan Frydland

The Classification of Phrasal Verbs in ELT Textbooks: An Alternative Approach
Catherine Heil

Integrating Politeness Theory into EFL Oral Communication Skills Course Syllabus
Sibel Kahraman & Cemal Cakir

ESL Students' Use of Nonverbal Strategies to Participate in Discussion
Jamie Kim

Exploring ESL learners’ Perceptions and Attitudes Toward Effective Listening Comprehension
Fan-Wei Kung

English Connected Speech, Stress, and Intonation: Students’ Perspectives and Progress
Jennifer Lacroix Marnie Reed

Integrating contextualization, socialization and problem-posing in discussion-based learning for ELLs
Ching Ching Lin

L2 Reading and Lexical Inferencing: Learner Strategies and Success
Amanda Meier

Acquisition of L2 Chinese Vocabulary Under Focus-on-Form and Focus-on-FormS
Yuan-Yuan Meng

Lexical Approach, Bilingual Education, and Information and Communication Technology
Laura Sanfelici & Elena Firpo

Developing critical thinking skills in EFL contexts: Japan Case studies
Chris Sheppard & Emmanuel Manalo

Mapping Discourse-Level Processing Depth Among L2 Readers of Varying Proficiencies
Vanessa Sheu

Extensive Reading for Different Proficiency Levels in ESL
Junko Ueno


Practical Interactive Methods of Teaching Idioms to Diverse Student Populations
John Bandman & Fan-Wei Kung

A 21st Century Learning Enhancer: Working Memory
James Chang

Flipping the Classroom: Considerations in Creating Online Course Content
Rebekah Johnson

Developing Cultural Competence in the Classroom
Peter McGill

Strategies for Processing Aural Input at Metacognitive and Skill Levels
Marnie Reed & Jennifer Lacroix

Visual and Lexical Chunking with The Internet
Chris Vasquez & Kim Branker


Acquisition of Wh- Question Intonation by Japanese Learners of English
Remy Boudreau 

Developing Second Language Pronunciation Through Automated Provision of Feedback
Naoko Kinoshita & Chris Sheppard

Identifying Changes in ESL Learners’ Uses of Learning Strategies: A Sociocultural Framework
Fan-Wei Kung

No as a Turn-initial Token in the ESL Classroom
Yu-Han Lin

Multiple Perspectives for Innovative Grammar and Vocabulary Instruction
Jacqueline Nenchin & Faith Tripp

Integrating Technology to Teach: The Creation and the Use of e-Book for Hindi
Bhakti Shah

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