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Plenary Speaker at NYS TESOL ALWC 2014

Jaya Kannan is the Director of the Office of Digital Learning at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT. She has a PhD in Computer Assisted Language Learning from Anna University, India, and more than 15 years of international teaching and research experience in higher education. In addition to managing a Title V federal grant, she has administrative and academic experience running teaching and learning centers. In the last decade, Kannan's teaching expertise and research interests have involved the study of learner autonomy and the role of affect in the digital learning environment.

Presentation Materials

Marcella Caprario- Academic English Using the Experiential Learning Cycle: a case study

Nan Frydland and Judy Zyvan- Implementing the mutually adaptive learning paradigm

Deniz Gokcora- Creating Community in the Classroom

Nan Frydland and Judy Zyvan- Reading materials and strategies for ELLs

Daryl Gordon, Wenxiu Ma, Alyssa Pinto, &Yang Yang- Implementing the mutually adaptive learning paradigm

Daryl Gordon, Maki Nakayama, Huan Ren - Implementing the mutually adaptive learning paradigm

Steve Bookman- Scaffolding the learning process to assist ELLs navigating through it

Jaya Kanan - The intentional learner as connected knower

Ching Ching Lin- The art of listening

Yu Jung Han- Successfully flipping the classroom for learner autonomy

Junko Ueno - ESL learners autonomous development of communication strategies through conversation exchange

John Bandman- Engaging students in critical thinking skills in class and beyond

LinKai Jiang- Cognitive Structuring: Task based performance teaching

Presenter's name not available- Classroom wikis

Presenter's name not available- Setting up a Wiki using WikiSpaces

Drew Patrick- Bilingual Policy and the ESEA Waiver

Jeane Canon, Jennifer Jagde, and Mari Doyle- Using Thinking Maps

Christine L. Mace- Does L1 aid L2 learning?

Mi-Hyun Chung and JungKang Miller- Self family, and culture into "I" Poems

Alexandra Dylan Lowe- Strategies for encouraging adult ELLs to speak English outside class

Marnie Reed- Mutual Intelligibility: Listening and Speaking Skills From Theory to Practice

Kruti Suba- Writing for an audience: Teach ESL writing through blogs and Twitter


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